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Announcing LTF’s 2017 Project Grants

During 2017, the Lawyers Trust Fund will support 20 project grantees through a total of $684,000 in grants approved by LTF’s board. More information about these grants, which were approved by LTF’s board in December, is available on the current Read more »

ISBA Videos Spotlight IOLTA, Unidentified Funds

Do you want to learn more about the unidentified funds requirement in less than five minutes? How about a three-minute primer on IOLTA? Thanks to the Illinois State Bar Association, both of these topics are addressed in short videos produced … Read more »

FY 2016 Grants Announced

The board of directors of the Lawyers Trust Found has awarded $8,692,000 in legal aid grants for FY 2016. The grant total includes $7,787,500 in Legal Services Support Grants to 16 non-profit legal aid organizations in Illinois. Seven of those … Read more »

PILI Intership Honors Ruth Ann Schmitt

The directors of the Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois have announced a five-year honorary summer internship in recognition of Ruth Ann Schmitt, who is retiring as LTF executive director after 32 years of service. A grant award of $30,000 from … Read more »

Lawyers Trust Fund Leadership Transition

Ruth Ann Schmitt, the longtime executive director of the Lawyers Trust Fund (LTF), has announced her retirement effective June 30, 2015. LTF’s board of directors has selected LTF Deputy Director Mark Marquardt as her successor.

Beginning in 1981, Schmitt worked … Read more »

2015 Project & New Applicant Grants

The Lawyers Trust Fund is making $615,000 in project and new applicant grants to 20 organizations in 2015. These grants support legal aid projects that are part of an organization’s broader provision of social or other services. For more information … Read more »

Northern Trust Account Update

Recent discussions with officials at Northern Trust have shed some additional light on the bank’s communications with its IOLTA account holders during the summer, and its stated intention to close the IOLTA accounts of many customers after October 3.

The … Read more »

Update for Northern Trust Customers

The Lawyers Trust Fund is aware that Northern Trust Bank recently has contacted many of its lawyer customers about the status of their IOLTA accounts. The bank’s written communications have stated that Northern Trust will cease offering IOLTA accounts without … Read more »

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